Kickass Resumes for Programmers

Discover how to write a resume that is irresistable to hiring managers - by a hiring manager.

I'm sick and tired of seeing crappy resumes.

As a hiring manager for a software company and a skilled developer myself, I'm upset when I see that a lot of my applicants are probably awesome people with solid technical chops. Unfortunately, what makes them unattractive is their inability to communicate their skillset. And I don't blame them - they're just doing what they're taught. But what they're taught just flat out isn't EFFECTIVE.

I'd like to show you the RIGHT WAY to write a dev resume, so that I can stop facepalming and so you can apply my techniques to your resume today to make it KICK ASS and GET NOTICED.

Here's a taste of what you'll discover:

  • Why the current way you view your resume is DEAD WRONG and how changing your mindset will make a HUGE impact
  • The anatomy of a traditional resume (and why it sucks)
  • An easy way to make it seem like your resume is custom tailored for each company you apply to
  • One simple change that allows you to switch technology stacks - even if you have never worked with it professionally!
  • A subtle tactic to include in your resume which makes your subsequent interview sooooo much easier

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